Friday, September 7, 2012

TIFF Premiere

So now that it's done.

Thank you friends and families of friends for making the film with me. I am really happy that some most loved ones were by my side last night, and I wish some most loved ones were here.

I am grateful to the community for responding so well to the film. It was rather kind of so many people to turn up and stay back till so late in the night. It is a difficult film to watch past bedtime, so it was really generous of them to stay back even later for a conversation. I am glad that the ideas and the images resonated so well with them, and honoured that they found our thoughts and dreams to be relevant.

All of this in the face of a terribly washed out DCP print / projection. I know nobody noticed, but I'd like to apologise. The film looks, sounds and feels better when seen in its full form.

We have another screening today at 2.30 pm. I will run some tests and make sure that it's an experience we meant it to be, this time.

I feel deeply privileged at this opportunity to dabble with meaning. I hope our findings are useful.


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