Sunday, August 29, 2010

An old song...

(Revisited, just for the record)

The Kino Song

Neon lights make a static sound
So dragon-flies don't stand their ground
While the venus trap closes around.
Fortunes and fears are read in patterns of the coffee cup
And we stay up
In sleepless nights
At Café Kino.

She plays the saw in melancholia
He sees her wings with p
She moves calculated, curvilinear
He knows, advised with apophenia,
That she'll soon walk the rope scaffold.
He fills his cavities with dental gold
As this hyperlinked narrative begins to unfold...
Forced parallels don't hold
Manufactured memories are sold
In ugly beauty magazines -
Each with a free centerfold.
In flourescent menus of promises and paranoia,
We search for love
And feel at home somehow,
Till we are asked to move
From Café Kino.