Monday, April 14, 2014

An appeal...

(Disclaimer: This post is only an emotional appeal. It does not welcome any party propaganda, so political rhetoric will be deleted. Share, if you care.)
Just one final appeal to everybody to make a truly informed decision. Your vote will count, even if you think it's one against a million, because you never know what is truly burning in the heart of your fellow citizens, till you honestly, deeply engage.
All of us want a fairer, nicer and cleaner, a more progressive and a more civilised country with better and equal opportunities for all. We want to uphold our right to speak and ask questions. We want to retain our right to seek information and justice. We want our natural resources to be mined and used for a better and sustainable life, while remembering they are borrowed from our future generations, and are not to be sold off to political sponsors.
We don't want to see criminals representing us in the parliament - we want to rehabilitate them, and engage them in social responsibility, help them readjust their worldview. The same goes for the corrupt - they, like us, are victims of a corroded machinery - we want to help build better systems. We want representatives who welcome our participation in policy thinking, and not decimate it. We want a government that is not hard of hearing, and educates and empowers communities to participate in short term practical decisions like road repair and water supply and annual local fund allocations for building schools and parks - and while at it, we want our representatives to do everything in their power to protect our fundamental, inalienable rights as living beings.
Let's remember that we are not working against each other. Let's work against this constant, convenient manufacturing of the "other", and let's work towards cleaning the mess we have created or inherited, together. And let's look at the Preamble to the Indian Constitution one last time, before we cast our vote -

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Proposition for a Revolution.

When Khushboo and Vinay decided to track the evolution of the Aam Aadmi Party, none of us knew what that document is going to look like. Because of the party's stand on transparency, it wasn't difficult to get access early on (another reason was, perhaps, they were glad there was at least some video record of their journey.) Today, we are in the process of editing a documentary feature, which we feel, is a really relevant icebreaker to many conversations we need to have - about our democratic processes, policies, practices and possibilities. We have maintained a high degree of rigor in our observation and documentation, and worked hard towards an objective, academic and unbiased perspective. We are very glad to invite the community to participate in the making and the eventual distribution of the film. Please watch the trailer of the film here (and share, if it resonates with you - with the hashtag #Prop4Rev) -