Monday, January 23, 2017

Near Singularity

There’s only one thing left to do
When your seed has taken root
Draw a map for the passerby, 
Showing how to get to fruit.

Write, write, rewrite the memoir
Hack it, crack it, cheat the meat,
For, you can only go so far
When your software’s obsolete.

The first to wake in a house of
Sleep, the first to weed the cloud,
Accident of being the first to
Shroud all doubt and doubt each shroud.

Read the leaves, the tree’s yet to write
Now, can barely play the game
You jumped ahead into the light
And there’s only you to blame.

In these instructions written with
Ink of time and starry dust
A message carved in monolith
“Well, just bow out when you must.”

Sun was captured, drop by drop, by
The very hard working green
When released from its black cell walls
Did a number on the screen.

Was it all for nothing? Perhaps.
Or could we now reimburse
The star that's entangled in breath
And wake up the universe?