Sunday, December 19, 2010

Transferring contacts from Nokia to iPhone

Ok, now there are several methods suggested online, but I had to figure out my own recipe simply because I didn't have all the ingredients in one place.

Nokia 6210c or one of those Nokia phones too vainglorious to announce its own model number anywhere on the body.
Nokia PC Suite on a Windows PC - simply because I could't find a straight forward way of downloading Isync for Mac.
MS Outlook - which is total crap, but not as crappy as it's Mac sister Entourage.
Plaxo - the cool tool that saved the day.
Iphone 4 - the glorious basterd.

The catch - Didn't want to sync the Iphone to multiple computers. It was nicely synced to the Itunes on my Mac already. Had to figure a way of getting the contact book from Nokia to Iphone without using Itunes.

The solution - Transfer all your contacts from your Nokia phone to the PC using Nokia PC Suite. Sync the PC Suite with MS Outlook. Export a CSV text file from Outlook. Make a free account online on Plaxo. Upload the csv file. Now download the Plaxo app on your iPhone via Apps search. Run it on iPhone. Login to your account and sync it! Thats it!