Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and as long as it brought me no harm...

Thought I'll share this link, after all. This is like having to prove the world is not flat using google images, because there are still some fools out there who claim otherwise. It should have been so bloody obvious that it would be ridiculously excessive even to have to make videos to prove a self evident point. And yet the need for reason exists, because of the infinite lack of it. A rare supply of reason and clarity rushes to meet up with the demands of obscurity and ambiguity from a civilisation shit scared of its imminent mortality. Demands in the form of schizophrenic multitudes so desperate to escape the horror of the real, so transfixed with the promise of the transcendental, so childlike in the stubborn naivety, and so dangerously attached to the fantasy, that they would defend it with their lives. We turn a blind eye towards collective blindness and have to bear witness to the messiahfication of morons and murderers.

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  1. Satya Sai Baba is immoral if magicians and illusionists are. Both fool people who want to be fooled and would pay to be fooled. Your definition of morality is very narrow and needs to be checked.